The misdoings of my gender that need immediate amends…

If every single girl starts telling their parents to shut their uncouth badgering for marriage & go shut their stupid mouths BEFORE SHE:- Does what she likes.

– Has set her life’s independent accord.

– Has set her foot down on the earth, with complete liberty.

– Has done what she thinks is right.

– Has made a living by herself.

– Has made an independent decision of the types of relationships she wants to keep – Sincere or casual.


– And ABOVE ALL, has decided who she wants to tie the knot with.
The ‘right time’ for this thought has always been there,

But unfortunately my gender has cast wrong notions & pledges in the past.
This thought has already been prevailing in many regions, countries and castes & someday it will be encompassing us all. 
The special need is in the narrow minded obnoxious religious groups of Hindus, Jains & Muslim. (And true maybe with other religions too, of which I am not aware)
Spread the thought for this primordial change – That should always, have had been the case in whenever you face such shame.
And let the world be ordained by equality & logic than traditions and customs, that make us but beggars. 


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I am a renegade and a radical thinker  above all. I have a love for all kinds of aesthetics – Be it the person sitting beside me, a particle of the vast Nature or even a random – tangible thing that is but naturally beautiful. I am a true believer in that – We all must explore, till we find something to do – In which we are nothing less than a virtuoso. Every institution or person who inculcates/ claims/ teaches/ believes that not each one of us can become a savant, is the idea that I despise the most. Just because we may for some reason be tied onto banalities doesn’t mean we have lost what is within us – that lies untapped. Indeed, I have always dreamt of the moment, where the work I do becomes analogous/ synonymous to the best of an art form.

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