That beautiful facet of Love

My crotch doesn’t lie, it is often gladdened to lie in yours.

The body wants to toil against the veneer of yours.

The nearer you are, at times goes the only preserve,

The soul wants to wander & meander & mooch.

Alike to my visage that wants to spoon & caress,

And cuddle with you, your neck and your heartfelt bosom.

Your hair – my fingers want to be doused,

To tickle and please the last of your nerves.

This time is bizzare and exotic we are,

The marvels of our bodies, are engaging the soul to unfetter.

The passion is relentless & your cry ecstatic,

Deeper as we saunter, profound is our rhapsody,

The time seems bygone, this moment is emprise.



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