On friendship…

For the platonic love that we share,

I am all & all with you, simply bare.

Seldom, we miss the tact of argument & meander in palaver,

Besides that we do saunter in the caucuses of the brain.

The thrill of perception & the conundrum of each other’s cake,

There lies the spot-on spring for our souls to take their bait.

The integrity and verity, also the dupery that often comes along,

For the sanity in our rant, we shall weed the destitution all along.

There is a rhapsody in our meditations that we always harangue,

The adventure lies in bashing – the erroneous with but panache.

The sense of belonging goes deeper down the attic,

It lies in the boundless verity of our idea’s interoperability.

In you, I eye the ingenuity of examination & credence,

And my faculties do taking a bashing of its benevolence.

The heart does swell for death taking us near,

But before that arrests, there is a lot for is to preserve.

In tides we will swim that flow as what they may,

And rains we will deluge – the world will take a sway.




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