On the deep melancholy that comes & goes!

The torment is immense & the throes fantastic,
The growth is abrupt & the misery very dark,
Like a spasm it contains & in an instant it whisks,
It entices with its thought & cumbers abominably,
It slaps melancholies & leaves unceremoniously.

I try hard to gather & dig harder to know content,
But I am, stuck and muddled, vexed with my ambient,
All the shame is bygone & my back just lurches,
I start hustling in a stoop & rise on the parapet,
The pain is an ace & the mystery aloof.

The body begs to hasten, the occasion has come,
My back stares at a plague & the ground below is more a scare,
A step I lift, & the heart thunders,
One foot hangs loose & my eyes are bolder,
This summit does scare all my wits & my guts.

The sheer adventure is unfair, I fall back on the roof.
My body pains, yet the eyes are still bold,
The care to rub the hurt is not present anymore, sole but the heaven is to pore,
I besiege it to give an answer for this trance & it grows darker as ever,
A stranger the sky is to the earthly underlings, it partakes as it goes.\


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