A Poem on the primeval thoughts of a writer

There is joy that is induced,

And there is ecstasy that comes by act,
Intoxicators are a lot,
Yet – nothing gives a high that a great conversation can shy.

For above all – I am but an eye,
I have my own lenses and have my own strides,
My idea is to speak and speak of it all,
I am but a writer & I often see it all.

For often I don’t speak,
And seldom I lose the chance,
And frequently I lack the wit,
My loves and my prejudices -I have to weed them out,
For when I do write – It has to be for all.

There is a kids innocence in many that we see,
An adolescent and an adult – both are there to mimic it,
There is one who fakes to stay,
And another who fakes to sway.

There are some who cry to give pain,
And some who smile to take the pain,
Emotions are more than there are humans to share,
There are some who live in the heart and some who lie in the crotch,
For who am I to decide – what is the wrong or right?
All I know is that both take the arms and love of a babe eminently differently.

There is clinical depression,
And there is open suppression,
There is a child like fondness,
And also the chiding by bare truths.

There is a hope in hopelessness,
And a suicide in all the light,
There are the small losses and there are pyrrhic victories too,
But who is to decide – what is the wrong or right?

There is nudity in all,
And scarves are there too,
Some take it naturally,
And others keep the veil.

There are some to give and take,
And some to take away,
There are some who contribute,
And others who plan the doom.

There is evolution on one side,
And faith on the other,
There are prejudices and bigots
As there are revellers and vivacious ones.

There are lies more than truths,
Or is it just a motley of truths,
There are Queens and poppers, alike – on the streets,
But each one is their own Queen/King.

There is deductive inference many times and often there is Gut,
Just as there are reasons too shabby and unfair,
There are reasons to uplift.

There is content in some and disgruntlement in others,
Some inclined to hedonism,
While others shying to be a stoic
But most of them are unique of any philosophy.

I am above all a Writer,
And that is before I am me,
I have to see,
I have to know
And I have to speak.

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